KING TUT (Tutankhamen)

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KING PRIEST 30″ x 40″ Acrylic US $ 6800.00

KING TUT (Tutankhmen)

  • 24″ X 36″
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Original


1341 – c. 1323 BCE

Tutankhamun (c. 1342 – c. 1325 BCE) was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who was the last of his royal family to rule during the end of the 18th dynasty (ruled c. 1334 – 1325 BCE).  His father was the heretical king Akhenaten. His mother is his father’s sister, identified through DNA testing as an unknown mummy referred to as; “The Younger Lady” who was found in KV35. He took the throne at eight or nine years of age under the unprecedented vizier ship of his eventual successor, Ay, to whom he may have been related. Tutankhamun married his own half-sister Ankhesenamun. He reigned for about 9 years.  During Tutankhamun’s reign, the position of Vizier had been split between Upper and Lower Egypt.

Price: $ 6400.00




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